How Often Should You Workout?

Training Frequency – How Often Should You Train Each Muscle Group?
These are averages and your specific training frequency will vary depending on your fitness level and experience. ⠀⁠

These training frequencies are for strength and muscle growth.⁠
Back 2-4 times per week⁠
Chest 2-3 times per week⁠
Deltoids 2-6 times per week⁠
Arms 2-3 times per week⁠
Abs 2-3 times per week⁠
Quadriceps 2-3 times per week⁠
Glutes 2-3 times per week⁠
Hamstrings 2-3 times per week⁠
Keep in mind that the “Deltoids” have up to 6 times per week because you’re usually training your posterior and lateral deltoids (back and side of shoulders) with very low intensity, so they recover somewhat faster than other muscle groups.⁠
How do you reach this?⁠

Doing a Full-Body Workout 3 times per week or Upper/Lower split 4 times per week will hit all these muscle groups about 2-3 times per week.⁠

It’s all about how you program your workouts, and everyone has different goals with their training, so pick whatever fits your goals and life.⁠

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