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Hi everyone my name is Nick Hawkins. I am the head coach of the Muscle Hacking Program. My passion is to help people transform their lives for the better. I believe that everyone deserves to be happy with themselves, inside and out. 

Getting fit and achieving the body you want doesn’t have to be difficult even though it can be at times.

Why is this?

With so much conflicting information out there, it can be hard and confusing to know what to do.

Guess What? You’re not alone.

I was also in a position where I was stuck for a long time without knowing what to do. There was a point when I was trying all of the generic programs, fad diets, and wasted money on all kinds of supplements, and worthless workout routines. At times, these techniques yielded short term success, but they were not sustainable. 

Were you ever in this boat?

Once I figured out the formula to get the results I wanted, I realized that it actually isn’t too hard to make a transformation to whatever goals are desired.

So what is the right way to get results? Ready for the answer? 

There’s no such thing as the right way. The only route is the one that works for you.

Wait? How could it be this easy?

Well you see, the science behind losing weight or gaining muscle is very simple. The hard part is implementation and sustaining or keeping the routine going.

So in a nutshell, once you find the formula, it can be an easy task to tackle down your fitness goals. However, finding the correct formula that works for you is difficult without guidance. 

So how can I help you might ask?

I will work with you and find the formula that fits you and your lifestyle. We will work as a team, as I coach you daily for the duration of your program. I can be the navigator while you take on the role  of the captain of your ship. I will help guide you on your journey  and direct you to the best decisions possible in order for you to conquer your mission. I will factor in your likes and avoid your dislikes while shaping your mindset to become committed and consistent as you progress.

As a team, I will work with you to find something that is fun and easy for you and your lifestyle. When there is joy in your program, it becomes easy to repeat and become consistent to the point where you are creating new habits. After it becomes a habit, it turns into a lifestyle that you love and enjoy, long term.

Whether you are a business professional, a busy parent, want to gain muscle, burn fat, young or old, I have something for you that is guaranteed to work. And the awesome part about this is I can work with anybody from around the world.

The power to change all begins with YOU!


If you’re ready to change your life contact me. Click Here

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“ Special thank you to my trainer and nutritionist Nick Fitzgerald Hawkins for getting me set up on a realistic plan and keeping me honest.
To anyone feeling overwhelmed out there especially in today’s climate please remember to take care of yourself and don’t hesitate to reach
3 Month Transformation

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