Build A Stronger Back

🔹Are you having a hard time building your back muscles? If so try these workouts and optimize your gains so that you can gain a cobra back.

1️⃣ Deadlifts – Trains the posterior and activates a numerous amount of muscles. It’s important to perfect your form before lifting heavy to avoid injury.

2️⃣ Barbell Rows – This is also a compound that targets your lats and upper back. It also activates the muscles in your arm.

3️⃣ Pull Ups – Great back builder. Once you get strong enough, add dumbbells between your feet.

4️⃣ Lat Pulldowns – If you’re not able to do pull up yet this exercise will help you get there

5️⃣ Dumbbell Rows – You can perform with either 2 or 1 dumbbell at a time while leaning over a bench to improve any muscle imbalances you might have.

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