Know Your Protein Powders

🔹It can be difficult targeting the appropriate amount of protein for your physique goals. This is where supplementation comes in. 

🔹I’m not a big advocate for buying protein powder. It’s  better to get protein from a natural food source, yet I do advise people to consume protein as a last result, if they are having a hard time reaching their macros.

🔹There are several forms of protein powders, but my main focus today will be on the types of whey and casein. Whey is fast digestive and casein is slow digestive, and they both benefit for different purposes.

🔸Concentrate: This protein has gone through the least amount of processing but the downfall is that it contains lactose and fat. This protein is calorically dense so it’s best to consume while bulking and not so much while cutting.

🔸Isolate: A high percentage of the calories comes from protein. The good thing about this supplement is that 90% of the lactose and fat are almost completely removed. So you can get 30 grams of protein for 120 to 130 calories, which is good if you’re focusing on being in a caloric deficit.

🔸Hydrolyzed: This whey protein has been  moderately hydrolyzed, which means that it has been broken down so your body can absorb it more efficiently. This supplement is often used for medical protein and baby formula. It tends to be expensive because of all the processing it goes through.

🔸Casein: Casein does not optimize on protein synthesis as much, and digest much slower than whey. Because of its slow action, casein is best taken before you go to sleep. 

🔹The most important thing to consider while picking protein is the quality of the brand and the protein to calorie ratio. If you have any questions feel free to message me.

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