The Value Of Portion Sizes

🔹 Guessing your serving sizes can work if you’re not serious about trying to lose or gain weight.

🔹 But if you DO want to drop some weight, measuring your portions and actually knowing how much food is going in your body is pretty important.

🔹 Especially if you are new to seriously transforming your body so that you can learn more about portion sizes.

🔹 Once you achieve your fitness goals, you can relax on the precision because you’ll know more about what to look for and what mistakes to avoid.

🔹 I’m not telling you to measure each and every single thing you eat.

🔹Just be aware that different amounts of food will have a different calorie content, that’s all..

🔹 Simple things such as peanut butter, oils and nuts are very dense in calories and can add up quickly so they are the things you want to watch out for. Small amounts add up overtime, and if you’re eating 500-1000 calories more than you thought in a week, you’ll wonder why you aren’t gaining any progress.

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