Burn Off A Big Mac

🍔Burn a Big Mac🍔
🔹 Just using a Big Mac here because it can be a common indulgence. This can be applicable for anything with the same number of calories
🔹 How long would it take you to eat one? Like 3 minutes? Well look how long it’ll take to burn it off after – That’s why if you’re using cardio to erase a bad diet you’ll lose. That workout is supposed to build on your caloric DEFICIT, not minimize the “damage” – you’ll still be in a surplus and gain weight.
🔹 It’s totally fine to eat what you want. You can eat Big Macs and still lose weight. You can enjoy your favourite foods. You’ll just have to sacrifice those calories in something else later. No big deal. The important thing is that you’ve got a plan for after your indulgences
🔹 Note that the times are estimates based on a 135 lb woman – it will vary SLIGHTLY if you are lighter or heavier
🔹 Take home msg is to not spend hours and hours doing cardio thinking that you can eat as much as you want. Cardio can help but it’s definitely not the solution
🔹 Thanks for reading and share with someone who only focuses on cardio

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