Leg Day

A Lot of times people try to skip leg-day or get it over with as quickly as they can, by ignoring big parts of their legs, mainly because they think it’s too boring to train something that isn’t as “visual” as the upper body.⠀

If you’re reading this, 9 times out of 10 you’re a Muscle Hacker so don’t go this route. If you’re training for visuals, you want your legs to match your upper body, or you’ll end up as a chicken-legger. Do you really want to go your whole life being called, “ chicken legs”, at the gym?

Yea I didn’t think so…

And to get a well-rounded leg physique, you don’t want to jump onto your quadriceps exercises only, which happens to some people. Below is a guide for you to create a big and strong lower body!⠀

So, to get a well-rounded leg day, aim for 1-2 exercises per muscle group of the 4 above. If you’re training for muscle growth, you can aim for 2-6 sets per exercise and 6-15 reps.⠀

For Strength, you can go for 2-6 sets per exercise and 2-6 reps.⠀

Remember, you want to keep progressively overload by, for example, increasing the weight or adding reps.⠀

When, you ask?⠀

A good guide is, if you’re doing 3 sets of 10 reps; and on your last set, you can perform 12 reps, then you can increase the weight by 2-10%.⠀

What is your favorite leg exercise? Comment below!

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