How To Build Stubborn Muscle

🔹 If you’ve been hitting the gym forless than a year, you don’t have lagging muscle-groups, your entire body is lagging. With that said, if you’ve been training for a long period of time and are now starting to notice that a certain muscle is just lagging behind, it may be a good time to implement some specialization techniques. Here are 4 things I’d recommend if your goal is to build a lagging muscle.
Tip Number 1: Increase Training Frequency
🔹 If you’re currently training a muscle-group 1x per week, I’d highly recommend increasing that to 2x per week. Not only is this a great way to maximize training-induced protein synthesis, but it’s an easy way to increase total volume.
Tip Number 2: Prioritize
🔹 If your goal is to build bigger biceps, then why are you leaving them for the end of your workout when you’re already taxed? Start prioritizing that muscle-group by putting it first!
Tip Number 3: Progressive Overload
🔹 Progressive overload is the main pathway by which we build muscle. And unless we’re gradually increasing the amount of work we do, no matter how hard we train, we’ll never grow. Get back to the basics – if you want to build your chest, you’ve got to bench press more weight. Want to grow your legs? Squat heavier!
Tip Number 4: Eat Enough to Grow
🔹 No matter how intense your training is… if you’re not providing your body the necessary nutrients for growth, you’ll never build muscle. It’s like trying to build a house without enough bricks – it doesn’t matter how many workers are present if they don’t have the necessary tools for the job.

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