Shoulders Workout

🔹 The shoulders are one of my favorite body parts to workout on because it helps create an aesthetic physique.
🔹 Here is a simple breakdown of compound and isolated exercises for each delt.
🔹 Shoulder presses in the form of the Arnold press and overhead press target the entire shoulder, mostly the front and side delts. I recommend these exercises at the beginning of your workout.
🔹 After you can proceed to target each individual delt to correct any imbalances or areas where you want to achieve more gains.

🔹 Don’t forget your Rear Delts! This muscle is often ignored since they cant be seen in the mirror.
🔹 Neglecting your rear delts will cause you to end up with “rounded shoulders,” imagine a lump pointed forward. This appearance is due to the lack of rear delts which results in the image of an awkward lump.
🔹 You definitely don’t want that. So be sure to always include your rear delts so you can develop those 3D Boulder Shoulders!
Inbox me if you have any questions.

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