Disciplines of David Goggins

-Master your mind

🔹Only you have the power to master your mind, which is what it takes to live a bold life filled with accomplishments that can seem beyond your capability.

-Turn adversity into fuel for your metamorphosis

🔹Because when you’re driven, whatever negativity is in front of you, becomes fuel for your metamorphosis. Use it to your advantage.

-Schedule plenty of time for rest too

🔹If it’s a rest day, truly allow your mind and body to relax. Turn your phone off. Keep the computer shut down. A rest day means you should be relaxed, hanging with friends or family, and eating and drinking well, so you can recharge and get back at it. It’s not a day to lose yourself in technology or stay hunched at your desk in the form of a question mark.

-Focus on achieving goals, don’t focus on negativity 

🔹The average person thinks 2,000–3,000 thoughts per hour. Rather than focusing on negative things that you cannot change, imagine visualizing the things that you can. Choose any obstacle in your way, or set a new goal, and visualize overcoming or achieving it.

-Confidence comes from personal accountability

🔹 Personal accountability will bring you self respect, and self respect will always push you forward.

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