Lessons From Fight Club

🔹Without caution our minds inevitably drifts towards the most rigorous self-analysis in the blink of an eye. 

🔹However, this self-analysis aids you to analyze your life more earnestly and with greater energy. 

🔹At this pivotal point of deep pondering that you reach an enlightened understanding that incites rapid improvement, as you are self bullied into rectifying things: not tomorrow, not in an hour, but right this very instant with the utmost gravity and tenacity.

🔹Let your mind create the resurgence to guide you to be unmoved by things outside your control, not carelessly but perceptively. 

🔹Ward yourself from allowing external events or people to rule over you while taking control of your sense of reality. 

🔹Partaking in emotional mastery is one of the most convenient practices that a person can learn. 

🔹Once your passion builds your intensity, it requires a firm nature to compel your temperament.

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