Leg Curls

♠️The Laying Leg Curls♠️

🔹A machine like the leg curls works great for developing the hamstrings through knee flexion/loading the eccentrics, and it’s a versatile exercise that works great with overloading. ⁣

🔹To perform it, simply lay face down on the bench and grab onto the side handles, and think about performing the movement by bending your knees. Down to full extension to maximize the tange of motion, and then back up. ⁣

🔹The hamstrings can be divided into two main groups (medial and lateral), with slightly different origins and insertions. Both the medial and lateral hamstrings can extend the hip and flex the knee, however, the medial hamstrings can also internally rotate the hip, while the lateral hamstrings can externally rotate the hip. ⁣⁣


🔹What happens if we try to rotate our feet when training them?⁣⁣


🔹Well, it turns out that rotating the foot outwards during hamstrings exercises can preferentially activate the lateral hamstrings, while rotating the foot inwards can be used to preferentially activate the medial hamstrings.⁣⁣

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https://medium.com/@ SandCResearch/how-can-we-best-train-the-hamstrings-1307fc6be59c⁣⁣


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