4 Workouts For Massive Arms

🔹 If you want to get bigger arms, you need to be training both Triceps & Biceps exercises to maximize your growth.⠀⁠


🔹 On the left side of the diaphragm, you’ve got two Bicep exercises, the Incline Curl which targets the long head of the muscle and the Hammer Curl, which targets both the long head and the Brachialis which will help to increase the size of your bicep. On the eccentric part (lowering the weight), try to do it slowly, at around 5 seconds or so, to allow of greater activation of the Brachialis.⠀⁠


🔹 On the right side, you’ve got Triceps Pushdown, which will be targeting your lateral head of the triceps (change to a rope if you want to target your triceps medial head instead).⠀⁠


🔹 And the second exercise is the Skull Crusher, which is great for activating the long head of the tricep.⠀⁠


🔹 What’s your favorite arm exercise? Leave a comment below.

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