Can Melatonin Improve Your Physique

♠️Can melatonin improve your physique♠️

🔹Melatonin is a hormone that controls sleep patterns. However, recent animal data shows that it may also have effects on energy metabolism. Supplementation of melatonin may benefit body composition.

🔹This experiment investigated the effect of melatonin supplementation on the  body composition of 81 women with osteopenia. Subjects supplemented 0, 1, or 3 mg melatonin every night for a year. Body composition was measured with DEXA scan. The data from the groups that consumed 1 and 3 mg melatonin were compared to the control group.

🔹The data showed that melatonin supplementation increased lean mass by 3.4%, while the control group lost 1.9%. Also, melatonin supplementation decreased body fat by 5.1%, while the control group gained an extra 1.7%.

🔹 According to this study, melatonin supplementation can improve body composition.


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