Stubborn Body Fat

♠️Stubborn Body Fat♠️

🔹There are three main factors that control how fast you lose fat from different parts of your body:⁣⁣


1. How fat cells react  to catecholamines.⁣⁣

2. How fat cells react to insulin.⁣⁣

3. How much blood flow the area of fat cells receive.⁣⁣



🔹There are two types of catecholamine receptors in the fat cell: alpha-2 and beta-2. Each receptor responds differently when it gets a signal from a catecholamine. Beta-2 receptors will  prompt the cells to release more fat. But alpha-2 receptors tell the cells to stop releasing fat.⁣⁣


🔹If a fat cell has more alpha-2 receptors than beta-2 receptors, it will release fat slower than other cells. When your brain senses that it has enough energy from other cells, it will  signal to the  fat cells to stop releasing their energy. Once this happens, the stubborn fat will not be released. 


🔹These stubborn fat cells tend to gather in the same areas within your body. Let’s take the fat cells from the stomach for example; these fat cells are on average 10-20 times more responsive to catecholamines than the fat cells that are in the glutes. 


🔹Fat cells can also have a different response to the effects of the hormone insulin, which is  another kind of signaling molecule. In general, insulin is considered a “storage hormone,” which means it helps nutrients such as fat enter cells. When insulin levels incline, fat burning will drop to zero, and vice versa. 


🔹Certain kinds of fat, such as visceral fat, are more insulin resistant than others. They continue to release fat despite insulin being present. However, stubborn fat will stop releasing triglycerides as a response to insulin.⁣⁣


🔹The amount of blood that  circulates throughout the different parts of your body also determines how much fat you lose. The areas in your body that receive more blood flow generally lose fat easier.


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