Build Bigger Traps

♠️Build Bigger Traps♠️

🔹 Want to be a trap king or trap queen? You have to know this about growing bigger traps…

🔹 The trapezius are often recognized by the part that you see in the mirror, which are the upper portion of the traps. But the traps actually stretch down the back.

🔹 Training the traps requires more than performing shrugs. If you want to target the mid and lower part of your trapezius, try these workouts and watch the gains appear right before your eyes.

Prone- Y’s
Prone Reverse Flys
Bent Over Rows
Reverse Peck Deck
Scapular Pull Ups

🔹 And to target the upper part of the trapezius, try these out for size…

Barbell Shrugs
Cable Lateral Raises
Above The Knee Rack Pulls
Standing Military Press
Upright Rows

🔹 What’s your favorite trap workout?

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