Overhead Press

♠️Overhead Press♠️


🔹 A common error I see (and that I have made myself) is to execute the overhead press with a “Curved” bar path.⠀⁠


🔹 This extends the bar path and puts your shoulders in a fragile position that forces you to press less weight. This will hinder your progress because to build strength and muscle, you need more resistance/weight.


🔹For a proper form, we want the bar to travel STRAIGHT up in a vertical line.⠀⁠


– “But my head is in the way” you might say to yourself, and I don’t want you to press the bar through your head and hurt myself… so what should you do?⠀⁠


🔹 So to tackle this, at the bottom of the motion, you can pull your head and chin back while simultaneously pushing your chest forward (while keeping your lower back neutral).⠀⁠


🔹 Then, as you get to the peak, you stand with the bar right above your body, in a straight line.⠀⁠


🔹 When lowering the bar, move your chin and head back and your chest forward as it was previously to get the bar past your head in a straight line.⠀⁠



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