Losing Weight Too Fast

♠️The Truth Behind Rapid Fat Loss♠️

▪️Energy balance is the prime element to lose weight; it’s essential that your expenditure exceeds energy intake.

▪️Although aggressively dieting can increase fat loss, it will also reduce muscle mass. This sparks the question if losing weight as fast as humanly possible is the most optimal strategy.

▪️A case study inspected the effect of two different rates of weight loss on body composition. One group lost weight rather quickly (1% of bodyweight per week), while the other group lost weight at a  more slower pace (0.7% bodyweight per week).

▪️After 5.3 weeks, the aggressive dieting group lost 4.2 kg or 9.2lbs of bodyweight. On the other hand, the slower dieting group took 8.5 weeks to lose this amount.

▪️Even though both groups lost an equal amount of weight, the body composition of the lost weight was different. The aggressively dieting group lost more muscle mass  and less fat in comparison to the slower dieting group. 

▪️Therefore, this study concludes that more aggressive weight loss goes at the expense of losing muscle gains.

▪️So technically aggressive dieting is effective for rapid weight loss, but suboptimal if you want to keep the muscles that you worked hard for.

▪️Resources: https://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/21558571/

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