Best Back Workouts

Want A Defined Back?

▪️Here are a few workouts that I recommend you use for your routine to build a big and strong back.⠀⁠
▪️Below are some exercises and what muscles they predominantly target, and you’ll see that some work multiple muscle groups (in fact, most work more muscles than I’ve even mentioned in the diagram).⠀⁠
-Lateral Raises – Side Delts⠀⁠
-Dumbbell Row – Lats (and biceps & upper back)⠀⁠
-Chin-Ups – Lats (and biceps & upper back)⠀⁠
-Deadlift – Hamstrings (and lower back, lats, upper back, glutes & more)⠀⁠
-Barbell Row – Lats (and upper back, biceps & more)⠀⁠
-Face-Pulls: Rear Delts (mid trapezius, rhomboids, etc)⠀⁠
-Barbell Shrug – Trapezius (and rhomboids)⠀⁠
▪️You can choose what workouts and muscle groups you want to focus on, you don’t have squeeze all of them in every week.⠀⁠
▪️You could even deadlift on your leg days, then choose a vertical compound pulling exercise ( such as the a chin-up) and one horizontal compound pulling exercise (like a row) and you’ll engage most of your back.⠀⁠

▪️I’d also recommend that you try doing face-pulls as they’re great for strengthening muscles that are usually overlooked.⠀⁠

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