How Often Should You Train To Failure

How Often Should You Train To Failure? 

⁣▪️The strategy of training for task failure (the point of an exercise at which we’re unable to complete another rep with that given weight) is volume phase that is directly correlated to hypertrophy. However, that doesn’t mean that you won’t experience muscle growth if you don’t train to failure.

▪️As a matter of fact, the amount of volume load (reps x sets x weight) that we accumulate weekly can indicate how often we should go to failure to maximize hypertrophy.⁣

▪️Less weekly volume -> workout to task failure more often. (Even if you start to have fatigue, you still have a lot of time to recover)⁣

▪️More weekly volume -> workout to task failure less often. (By not pushing to failure often, you don’t create excessive fatigue)⁣

▪️To some capacity, the amount of training to failure that we do is inversely proportional to the amount of weekly volume and frequency we choose to work out with. This is why lower training volumes can be seen as “more efficient” ways to train.

▪️But remember a “more efficient” program is not necessarily the best program, for everyone. 

▪️Some people may dislike or not know what training to failure means. Also they may want to pick a “softer” approach which can still build muscle by increasing training frequency or total volume.

▪️Some people find no meaning in training at submaximal effort level, and may prefer a lower frequency/volume with very hard training levels. 

▪️It’s all subjective towards the individual’s preference, and many variables do dictate the variability of these recommendations. However, this model can be seen as a great starting point to understand how intricate variables such as effort, volume and frequency are and play together when creating a training program.


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