Carbs During Workouts

-Carbs During Workouts

▪️Many athletes and bodybuilders consume carbs before and/or after training. But do they consume carbs during training?

▪️While the research of carb intake during strength training hasn’t been assessed much yet, there’s plenty of data to gather from endurance training. Because of the fact that endurance training workouts cause much more glycogen depletion, I believe the recommendations in the graphic are more than enough for most bodybuilders and athletes. Ultimately, the main factor that determines how many carbs you need during training is simply the length of your workout.

▪️But keep in mind that there aren’t many rules to follow about nutrition – especially during your workout. If you have a feeling that carbs help your workout, chow down! However, if you don’t gain any benefit, I don’t see any reason to consume carbs while you are training. Give it a shot and see how it works for you.

▪️ Reference: Jeukendrup, A. (2014). A step towards personalized sports nutrition: carbohydrate intake during exercise. Sports Medicine, 44(1), 25-33.

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