Static Stretching

-Static Stretching 

▪️Stretching plays a significant role in how well your muscles recover after a workout. It also affects your flexibility and the performance of your exercises.

▪️Static stretching is done at the end of your exercises.  It involves holding your stretched in place for a period of time, without movement. This helps your muscles loosen up, while enhancing flexibility and range of motion.

▪️Stretching after your workout, when your muscles are warmed up, can help increase the range of motion  in any joint that  you are targeting. 

▪️It’s beneficial to have greater flexibility and range of motion in order to move with more comfort and ease. 

▪️If your muscles are tense, tight, or overworked, you will be at risk of extensive pain and discomfort. Studies have proven that static stretching is an effective way to decrease stiffness in tight muscles. 

▪️When you have high levels of stress, your muscles can feel tense and tight. However, stretching your muscles along with mindful breathing exercises, can reduce mental tension and anxiety.

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