Lat Pull Downs

-The Difference Between Close Grip vs. Wide Grip ⠀⁠
▪️There’s a lot of confusion around using a wide or a close grip during lat pulldowns, mainly people saying that a wider grip will build wider lats (Latissimus Dorsi)….⠀⁠
▪️But from the research I’ve read, it seems that wider grip during lat-pulldowns will target your Teres Major muscle more, which isn’t a bad thing.⠀⁠
▪️The Teres Major is usually an overlooked muscle and if ignored, it can lead to underdeveloped back muscles.⠀⁠
▪️However, using a closer grip during the lat pull-downs will target your Lats, as well as your biceps, more than a wide grip.⠀⁠
▪️So, what does this mean?⠀⁠
▪️You could incorporate both into your training by switching the grip every set, week or month, depending on your training frequency and your goals.⠀⁠
⚠️ Save this for your next Pull-Up day! ⚠️⠀⁠
Research resource:

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