Have Your Pizza And Eat It

Controversial thought: Thin crust is better than stuffed crust?
Personally I love a thin crust pizza and have always been disappointed by stuffed crust.
Pizza is a blessing from the heavens (or Italy or something like that) and you should enjoy it.
As much as we complain about how the food industry has made it very easy for us to overeat…
…it also gives us the option to change the foods we eat to suit our needs.

With just two simple changes you can almost half the calories of this pizza without much difference to flavor.
You can decorate a pizza out with thick crusts and extra cheese and the calories will add up…
OR… You could make some simple changes when you order (with this company the options appear automatically)
A Pizza doesn’t have to contain an entire days worth of calories (but it can if you want it to)
Make you life easy.
Whatever way you like your pizza, enjoy it.

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