Strong Abs

-Building Strong Abs

A strong core can benefit you in various ways, such as preventing injuries, reducing back pain, and stimulating proper posture.

While working out on the core, people often target the rectus abdominis (the six pack) yet leave out the internal and external obliques ( side abs), and the transverse abdominis (underneath the side ab).

Building a strong core requires more exercises than just crunches.Not to mention, the abdominals have limited and specific movements that consist of different muscles that run through the entire length of the torso. Here are a few core workouts to add to your regimen.

Planks are one of the best exercises for working the core and burning calories. Doing a plank hold will engage multiple muscles at once, while benefiting the core strength of your body.

Decline crunches are great for eliminating the tendency to use momentum to complete the movement. Increase the decline angle over time in order to progressively overload.

The Russian Side Twist targets your obliques. Try adding a dumbbell or medicine ball increases to make this workout more challenging.

Hanging knee raises with a twist can help build muscular stability in the upper back and shoulders. This workout can increase both muscular size and strength.

Cable Crunches enables you to increase resistance, allowing you to train to failure using heavier weights.

Cable Side Bend targets the obliques and improves stability in the lower back.

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