Overcoming Plateaus

Progressive Overload
▪️ What does progressive overload mean?⁠
▪️ Progressive overload is when you continuously increase the demands placed on your body through exercise.⁠
▪️For the most part, the goal is improve muscle hypertrophy (muscle growth) or strength.⁠
▪️Most of the time people plateau when doing this because they only try to increase the weights, but that can limit you if this is your only strategy.⁠
▪️So Yes, you can add more weights, but unless you’re ok with only having a hammer in your toolbox, it’s best to put a variety of tools in your toolbox.⁠
▪️Doing this can get you a diversify your progressive overload strategy, and ultimately, increase your hypertrophy and strength gains.⁠
▪️ You can also change the tempo of your lifts, decrease the rest intervals between sets, increase the amount of reps or sets, as well as incorporating different training methods such as the rest-pause or drop sets.⁠
▪️So there are definitely numerous ways to progressively overload than just increasing weights.⁠

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