How To Lose Stubborn Belly Fat

How do we get rid of stubborn fat ?

Well.. you already know the answer. Stubborn fat, just like any other fat, is lost by creating a caloric deficit through a mixture of dieting and exercising. ⁣

First of all we need to get lean enough to tackle those areas (at least ~12% for men and ~22% for women) but once we’re there, they’ll go just as fast as other areas (assuming we’re eating the right amount of nutrients and training the right way). ⁣

The main issue with dieting to very low levels of body fat is that as we get leaner, hunger increases and our energy expenditure decreases due to adaptive mechanisms that “negatively impact” the speed at which we lose fat. So our deficit becomes smaller and smaller and our results start slowing down. ⁣

it’s not necessarily the fat that is stubborn it self.. I mean, even if it is, your body will have to take energy to use from somewhere, and if protein intake is high enough to avoid wasting protein for energy and enough resistance training is provided as a the stimulus to maintain muscle mass.. the ln this energy will come from stubborn fat cells. ⁣Plain and simple.

Sure, there are specific strategies that may work specifically for these areas (such as introducing low carb diets or use of specific supplements combinations such as Caffeine + Yohimbine HCl, which are able to decrease Alpha-2 receptor activity and mobilize the fat out of the cell), but don’t forget the bigger picture.

Being extra patient, more accurate (with both food intake and daily activity) will get the job done. It sucks, but it’s true.

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