Incline Bicep Curl

Incline Bicep Curl

▪️Studies have shown that incline biceps curls are the best exercise for growing the peak in the short head of the biceps.

▪️When on an incline, your arms get naturally further back, keeps the rest of the body steady and doesn’t allow any other muscles to help or cheat the weights up.

▪️If you curl straight forward in line with your body, you will be targeting the long head which is on the outside of the bicep

▪️Angling the arms slightly outwards can target the short head at the inside of your bicep.

▪️If you’re currently only doing biceps curls using bars, implementing a dumbbell curl might help you take out any imbalances you have, as most of us use one arm more than the other for certain things (like, I’m right-handed and do most things with my right hand)

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