Increase Muscle Growth

Don’t go through the motions in the gym. Workout with purpose and intention. 

When I was younger, I used to think I was working out the right way, but I lacked the sense of connection towards my goals. Your objectives must be crystal clear. Without focusing on the muscles that would give me those powerful initial few strides, I would exercise for hours. I would lose track of my body and let my mind wander. I used to meditate without any particular purpose and I never really established any tasks or goals for which I needed clarity. My thoughts would begin to stray much more easily as I pondered why I never found the answers I was seeking for.  It’s important for you to know what you want to accomplish and take the actions necessary to get there.

When you focus on a region, breathe into it, and give it your full attention, we are stepping up the action.The next time you bench press to expand your chest, concentrate on lifting with your pecs, contracting and squeezing the muscle during each repetition, and concentrating on the expansion.

I like to visualize my muscles contracting, swelling, and almost about to burst through my skin. Prior to working out, I decide which muscle group or even single muscle I want to emphasize. I then design my workout to focus on that area throughout the entire session. Every exercise in the entire workout should be used as a chance to advance your own fitness objectives.

Remember to make intentions! For your life, your activities, and your meal. Take charge. 


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