The Difference Between Fat Loss & Muscle Gain

There are dozens of ways to make gains and burn fat… but here are some key factors that you must implement on your road to success…

🔹 You can, eat 2000 extra calories over your maintenance level and gain tons of muscle mass, but most people will pick up a lot of fat in the process.

This would be counterproductive to the max!!!

The best route is to stay in a calorie surplus to make the process easier and you’ll keep your lean body while making gains at the same time

You want to do this with fat loss as well. Take small short steps towards your goal and don’t starve yourself.

For both processes, patience is Key.

Many protein recommendations for fat loss can come across as a bit high, however studies have shown that eating more protein rich food can increase your satiety and help defeat hunger while in a calorie deficit. Everyone is different and 2.7g protein per kg is not for everyone of course, but that is the UPPER limit from in a study for male endurance athletes. For female athletes, the protein range was between 1.4–1.7 g/kg bodyweight.


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