Glute Builders

🔹 Here are a bunch of exercises that are great for adding mass to your glutes.Most of them revolve around hip extension, which targets the gluteus maximus (the biggest glute muscle)
🔹 Some of them don’t isolate your glutes as much as pure extension, external rotation or even hip abduction but the goal here is to focus on exercises you can really add weight to.
🔹 The split squats and leg press can target your quads quite a bit too. To aim for more glute activation on the leg press, put your feet higher and a bit wider than normal. For the split squats, put your front foot a bit further away and drive up through your heel. I’m sure you’ve seen a ton of videos of body weight and elastic exercises and these are all great for sculpting this area too. To add real MASS though, lifting heavy really helps!

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