Staying Within Your Calories

🔹 So everyone knows by now that the real way to lose weight is to eat less than you burn – Right?
🔹 KNOWING this is only half the battle (actually much less than half). Actually executing on it and burning more than you eat is hard. That’s why so many people struggle with weight loss.
🔹 Above are a few little tricks that you can try to employ in order to eat a bit less everyday. Remember that even if this saves you 100 cals per day, that’s 36,500 per year!!!
🔹 Don’t get carried away with these and insist on doing them EVERY meal. They are just small tactics to help out a bit – not strict guidelines of what you HAVE to do. The 2 that I would stick to the most would be prioritizing protein/vegetables and never eating from the package. Just those 2 will make a big difference
🔹 Remember to stay as active as you can and don’t just eat because you’re hungry
🔹 Let me know if you have any questions or know other tricks that have helped you.

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