Pre Workout Meals

Pre-Workout Meals
What should you eat before a workout?

Well that depends on your goal, when you train and how organized you are. If you’re doing intermittent fasting, then you might just have some water and coffee and go lift. Your performance might not be fantastic, just make sure you eat afterwards

Ps. I don’t condone intermittent fasting. I digress …

If you’re not fasting, and you’re able to eat 2-3 hours before the workout, you can get in some protein, complex carbs and fats. This can be a fairly large meal as you’ll have time to digest it

If you’re eating 1-2 hours before then the meal should be a bit simpler. Not much fat, simpler carbs and some protein

If you’re eating right before your workout then the meal has to be very simple. Quickly digestible carbs, protein and no fat

Keep in mind that you are NOT eating at all 3 of these times – you can have a larger meal early and a quick snack before but not all 3 of these (unless you’re really trying to gain weight)

Other add ons for pre-workout intake can and should include water, caffeine and creatine with the water being 100% necessary and the other 2 optional (although they will help your performance )

Key takeaway is that when you’re exercising, your body needs blood for your muscles. You don’t want to be digesting a big meal at the same time because your body will want that food out ASAP – and you won’t feel great

So make sure the size of your meal lines up properly with the timing of your workout

Your body (especially your stomach) will thank you…

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