Working The Abs

Your abdominals consist of 4 main muscles. All 4 of these muscles work together to stabilize your trunk but they all have specific functions, as well.
Rectus Abdominis: This is your “6 Pack” – It brings your ribs to your pelvis. Sit ups, knee/leg raises, crunches etc all target this muscle.

External Obliques: These ones twist your trunk (or stop it from twisting) If your right side is contracting then you twist to your left and vice versa. Sit ups with rotations, wood chops, side planks etc. all work this.

Internal Obliques: Basically the same as the external obliques but they twist in the same direction as the side that is contacting.

Transversus Abdominis: This muscle really does a ton of stabilization. If you’re weak here, your Squats and Deadlifts are going to suffer. Planks and hollow body holds/rocks are great for keeping this muscle strong.These are just a few of the MANY exercises you can choose from for working your abs

Let me know if you have any questions

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