Eating Clean

🔹 You’ve probably heard the phrase: “eat clean, train dirty” or “eat clean, train mean” or “you can’t expect to look like a million bucks if you eat off the dollar menu.” What does that even mean, anyway? If you ask 10 people what it means to “eat clean,” you’ll get 10 different answers..
🔹 The answer to these phrases all have one thing in common: it’s extremely restrictive. We are led to believe that some foods are good and others are bad. No one has ever dropped dead from one candy bar though—just like no one has gotten up in the morning lean and healthy from consuming a few servings of vegetables. This is not to say that we should opt for the mint chocolate chip ice-cream over apples and carrots, but being too restrictive in your diet is (1) making it nearly impossible to eat enough and (2) removing one of life’s greatest pleasures—delicious food.
🔹 If you’ve ever tried to get 3000 calories from chicken breasts and broccoli, you know exactly what I’m talking about. Although I do advocate a mostly minimally processed, whole food diet—I do also promote a flexible way of eating. If 80-90% of your foods are coming from minimally processed, whole foods, then don’t be afraid of getting the other 10-20% from that strawberry ice-cream—assuming it fits into your overall macro and micronutrient goals.
🔹 Keep in mind, however, that the longer you’ve been dieting, the lower your calories. And the lower your calorie intake, the less room you’ll have for “fun foods.” But that’s probably a good thing since minimally processed foods are more satisfying and provide more vitamins and minerals.

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