Egg Protein

♠️Egg Protein♠️

🔹Eggs are one of the best sources of high-quality protein.

🔹Compared to all whole foods, eggs have the highest protein digestibility-corrected amino acid score (PDCAAS)

🔹This score measures a protein’s quality and digestibility. 

🔹Eggs also decrease appetite and helps  you stay full for longer.

🔹The protein quality remains excellent but you might experience less fullness because egg protein powders are typically made from egg whites rather than whole eggs. 

🔹Eggs are a complete protein source, which means they have all nine essential amino acids that your body can’t make itself.

🔹Egg protein is ranked second to whey as the highest source of leucine, which is the BCAA that plays the biggest role in muscle health. 

🔹The only downfall is that egg-white protein hasn’t been studied as much as whey or casein.

🔹Egg-white protein is definitely a good choice for people that have dairy allergies who prefer a supplement based on animal protein.


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