Intuitive Eating

♠️Intuitive Eating♠️

🔹If you want to become an expert at “Intuitive eating” you have to have a background & experience in calorie/macronutrient tracking, after having spent alot of time “in the trenches”, especially if you’re a body builder or somebody who wants to maximize their potential when it comes to maximizing muscle gains and or fat loss. ⁣

🔹Tracking calories isn’t always necessary for everyone, because we are different, have different backgrounds, mentality, habits, past dieting experiences and approaches to the method, and these are reasons why I would not instantly recommend the tracking method to 100% of the people.

🔹When it comes to intuitive eating, there should be a gradual progression into it.⁣

🔹Yet at the same time, if we want precise results, we need to use precise methods (such as calorie and macro tracking) and do enough practice with it to the point where our estimations can get very close to the “real numbers”. ⁣

🔹That’s the only way that  you can transition into intuitive eating, if maximizing your body composition is your goal. ⁣

🔹Even though tracking  can be tedious, it  educates the person on the caloric requirements needed for the individual’s goals, it gives informations on the specific nutrients included in foods, it helps understand the fact that no food should be necessarily excluded from the diet without context, and more, and these are all positive outcomes that can lead to making better dietary choices in the long run. ⁣

🔹From there, after having educated yourself to the point where it becomes “second nature” to track food intake & quantities, a transition to intuitive eating is seemingless and likely just as powerful in order to maintain, lose or gain weight. ⁣



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