Working The Quads

♠️Working The Quads♠️

🔹Everyone needs strong quads to balance out the strenuous amount of hamstring and glute movements during leg day.

🔹The Quadriceps are made of  4 muscles that work together to extend your knee. They join together into one tendon which passes over your kneecap. The Rectus Femoris also helps flex the hip.

🔹They are a strong muscle group that often gets overly tight and pulls hard on the lonely tendon trying to hold them together at the bottom. Stretching, foam rolling and barbell smashing them will help loosen them up if they are getting tight.

🔹I would suggest that you put the majority of your focus on front squats, back squats and lunges when training your quads. The leg press can suffice and a narrower, lower foot position will target them more.

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