Office Jobs & Fitness

♠️Stay In Shape With A Office Job♠️

▪️It’s common knowledge that spending hours out of our day sitting down isn’t good for u.

▪️But the question of the day is; just how much exercise is needed to counteract the negative health impact of a day at a desk?

▪️A 2020 study concluded that about 30-40 minutes per day of building up a sweat should do the trick.

▪️Up to 40 minutes of “moderate to intense physical activity” daily is about the right amount to balance out 10 hours of sitting behind a desk.

▪️Research states that any amount of exercise or even just standing up helps to some capacity.

▪️This data is from the examination of nine previous studies, which involved 44,370 people in four various countries who were wearing a fitness tracker.

▪️️The analysis discovered an increase in the risk of death among those who lived a more sedentary lifestyle and a decrease in risk of death in those who spent time engaging in moderate-to-vigorous intensity physical activity.

▪️Implementing intense activities such as cycling, brisk walking, even gardening can lower your risk of an earlier death just as if you weren’t doing all that sitting around in the office.

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