Protein Synthesis And Blood Flow

Protein Synthesis And Blood Flow 

▪️Anybody that goes to the gym regularly, knows about  the very tight feeling in your muscles during and after a good pump. The key factor to this tight feeling is an increase in muscle blood flow.

▪️The blood flow in your muscle ensures the delivery of oxygen, nutrients,and muscle growth. Blood flow is also responsible for the removal of waste products, such as CO2. Accordingly, a food degree of blood flow is essential for normal muscle tissue functioning.

▪️The question of the day is; how important is the increase in blood flow for the muscles to grow?

▪️Protein synthesis is the process of cells making protein which leads to building muscle.

▪️Scientists did an experiment where they gave participants a pharmaceutical agent.  After taking this pharmaceutical, their blood flow increased which led to an increased protein synthesis. 

▪️However, when they added a pharmaceutical agent that prevents the increase in blood flow, it also prevented the increase in muscle protein synthesis.

▪️This concludes that increasing blood flow increases protein synthesis. But preventing blood flow can prevent muscle protein synthesis. 

▪️Researchers are currently looking for new ways to increase capillarization and blood flow, such as different types of exercise, heating and cooling, blood flow restriction, and massage therapy techniques. 


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