Muscle Building Shopping List

Muscle Building Shopping List

▪️Ask 10 people why they fail to reach their fitness goals and 9 will tell you it’s due to nutrition.
▪️I get it. It’s much more difficult to make the right food choices on a daily basis than it is to go smash some weights for an hour a few days per week.
▪️Truth be told, however, nutrition doesn’t have to be complicated. Aim for at least .75 grams of protein per pound of bodyweight, get 30% of your calories from fats, and determine how many carbs you need based on your goals (bulking or cutting).
▪️Once you’ve got that in order, it’s simply a matter of making the right food choices to meet those numbers (and of course you should always be tracking your weight and making adjustments accordingly). Which is why I’ve created this easy-to-follow shopping list. Use this as a guide to help you select the right foods to meet your goals.

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