Get Visible Abs

Get Visible Abs
▪️These workouts target the Upper and Lower parts of your abdominals as well as the Obliques.⁠
▪️While doing these difficulty-based workouts, you can choose either the easier option (left side) or to step it up a notch and go for the harder version (right side).⁠

-The Workout

▪️Perform these workouts in a circuit-style fashion (perform all reps for each exercise and move on to the next workout without resting. Continue as you go to the third exercise, then rest 30-60 seconds. That’s one circuit/round completed).⁠
▪️Go through a total of 2-4 circuits with either the easier or harder edition.⁠
-Easier Version:⁠

  1. Sit-Ups: 15-20 Reps⁠
  2. Scissors: 15-20 Reps⁠
  3. Cross Crunches: 15 Reps on each side (30 total)⁠
    -Harder Version:⁠
  4. Long Arm Crunches: 15-20 Reps⁠
  5. Crunch Kick: 15-20 Reps⁠
  6. Sitting Punches: 30 Seconds⁠
    ▪️Important Note: To have visible abs you have to have a lower body fat percentage (around 8-15% for men and around 14-24% for women, these can vary), and fat loss is occurs with a calorie deficit, mainly through food.⁠
    So make sure that you eat well while performing these exercises to achieve well-defined abs.⁠
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