How To Lose Weight

How To Lose Weight

▪️No matter what the situation is; fat loss begins & ends with a calorie deficit. Being in a calorie deficit is like being the driver of fat loss. In a nutshell, you want to consume fewer calories than you expend.

▪️I get many questions in my inbox about cardio and HIIT classes. People also message, “How can I burn more calories?!” If your main focus is to burn more calories than you’re missing the bigger picture; which is calories in.

▪️You’ve most likely heard it before. It’s a big piece of repeated fitness advice that’s actually true; you can’t out work your diet. The focus should be on how many calories you’re eating.

▪️1.Protein Intake:
While in a calorie deficit, adequate protein consumption helps you keep your muscle while shedding fat. Maintaining and building muscle is a must in order to look good, perform better, age well & keep your metabolism revin’

▪️Protein also helps with satiety. Want to manage your hunger? Eat your protein!

▪️2.Strength training:
To keep (and to build) muscle in a calorie deficit; you not only need enough protein, you need to let your body know that you need to build more muscle. Strength train with the focus on getting stronger over time. Make that your priority in every workout.

▪️3 NEAT:
Non exercise activity thermogenesis is the most underrated strategy to burning fat. NEAT is any activity you do outside of organized workouts. Which is most of your time btw. Little bits add up. Track your steps aiming for 8-12k.

▪️4. Sleep & stress management:
Sleep and stress will impact your ability to burn fat indirectly. They can boost cravings and hunger, lower your ability to feel full and impede your judgement around food choices.

When it comes to burning fat, it’s not the best way to achieve results (exceptions: marathoners, long-distance racers, pro-athletes, etc). Keep your focus on tracking your calories.

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