Weight Loss Vs Fat Loss

Throw Your Scale Out The Window

▪️I often get messages from concerned readers who are worried about the scale not moving, despite the fact that they are lifting weights and eating a healthy diet consistently.

▪️Here’s the thing, the scale isn’t a reliable indicator for progress when you are changing your body composition. It actually doesn’t do anything but tell you how much you weigh in that moment on that particular day & time. That’s absolutely all the scale does. The scale doesn’t display any info about how your body’s getting stronger, how your clothes are fitting better, how climbing stairs is getting easier. And let’s be honest, you’re most likely training for a LOOK and how you FEEL, not a number right?

▪️Nobody is walking around with their scale weight tattooed to their foreheads. No one but you is aware of how much you weigh.

▪️What needs to be understood is that people should be more concerned with FAT LOSS, not WEIGHT LOSS. Weight loss occurs from a combination of muscle, fat, water, human waste, etc.

▪️If you want to have a lean physique, then you’re going to have to start removing the attachment to the scale and observing it as just ONE data point among many.

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