Dips Exercise


▪️Dips fall into the category of compound exercises which requires multiple joints to perform and forces your body to stabilize itself.⁠
▪️This workout stimulates muscle growth and increases strength. Dips can also enhance your performance in other key lifts such as the Bench Press.⁠
▪️Depending on if your goal is to focus on your Chest or Triceps, there are slight differences in your form:⁠
▪️If your goal is to target your Chest more, you have to lean slightly forward and flare your elbows out to each side as you lower your body and bend your knees and hips.⁠
▪️But if you want to target your triceps more; you have to keep your upper arms closer to your body while bending your elbows straight back without flaring, and keep your lower body extended.

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