Tricep Home Workout

-Trying To Get Stronger Triceps, But No Gym? No Problem!


▪️This is  a great bodyweight circuit-style workout that you can do at home.⁠


▪️This one will target your triceps to get bigger and leaner 


▪️For this circuit, perform the exercises for 10-15 repetitions or for a set worth of time, like 50 seconds (lower or higher, depending on your fitness level) and then move on to the next workout without resting.⁠


▪️After you’ve done all 6 exercises, you can take a break for 60 seconds (or more/less, depending on your fitness level).⁠


▪️That’s one circuit (or round) completed. Now, after taking a rest, you continue again from the top by performing the exercises (in whatever order you prefer) for 3-6 circuits in total.⁠


▪️Save this Triceps Workout for later!⁠

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