Stress Affects Fitness Gains

-How does mental stress
affect your strength

▪️ Mental stress has been
shown to have lots of
negative effects on
physiology. However, is
stress also something you
should manage for optimal
recovery in the gym?

▪️This study investigated
whether mental stress
impacts your recovery
from heavy resistance

▪️ Subjects were categorized into
groups based on their stress level.
The subjects first established their-
10 rep max (10RM; the
maximal weight they are able ton use for 10
reps). After the subjects performed 10 reps, they did another 6 sets to failure at 80-90% of their 10 rep max

▪️ Each group saw a huge
reduction in muscular force
immediately after their workout.
and. While all groups recovered
some strength in the following
hour, strength recovery was
lower in the high-stress group.

▪️ Therefore,
managing mental
stress is not just
important for your
overall health, but
should also be
taking into account,
in your training

▪️ In conclusion, high mental
stress has a negative effect.
on short-term muscle
strength recovery
after a heavy lifting session.

How do you manage
your stress?


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