White Potato Vs Sweet Potato

All of the information regarding the macro & micronutrient composition of the two potatoes in this post is from a study conducted by King & Slavin (2013) who analysed the role of potatoes on human health. Analysis showed:

• Calories = 94kcal vs 90kcal
• Protein = 2g vs 2g
• Fat = 0.15g vs 0.15g
• Carbs = 21g vs 21g
• Fibre = 2g vs 3.3g
• Potassium = 544mg vs 475mg
• Magnesium = 27mg vs 27mg
• Phosphorous = 75mg vs 54mg
• Iron = 64mg vs 69mg
• Vitamin C = 12.6mg vs 19.6mg

(values based on 100g baked white vs sweet potato).

Practical implications: Overall there are no real noticeable differences between the two other than the fibre content and Vitamin C being slightly higher in the sweet potato vs white which I guess makes senses considering most foods rich in vitamin C are those brightly colored i.e. red & yellow (Lykkesfeldt 2014 Chambial et al 2013).

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