Fat Burners According To Science

What is the best fat burner to take according to science?

New data was taken to analyze the overall effect of fat burners on our body composition.⁣

To make a long story short, anything you can legally obtain doesn’t work, except possibly ephedrine which is still illegal in most countries. ⁣

Numerous studies concluded that there is no effect of fat burners at all and in the data taken.

The terminology “fat burner” is a marketing strategy to begin with. Fat burners don’t directly increase fat loss. They actually increase your energy expenditure which results in fat loss if you subsequently create a greater energy deficit as a result of that. Taking a fat burner while on a bulk, for example, won’t result in fat loss. ⁣
Not to mention, the increase in total daily energy expenditure of even the strongest thermogenics like ephedrine, only results in 5% which isn’t even noticeable.

And for the majority of “fat burners’ this effect decreases over the course of weeks as you start to gain a tolerance to the supplement.

If you want to improve your physique and get lean, you must optimize your diet, put in the work in the gym and refrain from relying on crutches. You don’t need any supplements to get the physique of your dreams.⁣

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