Compound Workouts

-The Foundational Movements of Training
▪️Whether you’re training for Strength, Building Muscle, or for a specific sport, you want to implement the foundational exercises of fitness, which are called Compound Movements.⠀⁠
▪️Compound Movements are exercises that use multiple joints to move your body, which in turn trains multiple muscle groups at the same time, making it possible for you to overload/increase the resistance (weight) used compared to an isolation exercise (one joint exercise).⠀⁠
▪️By overloading the resistance, you’re able to increase your strength and muscle growth, as well as train more efficiently.⠀⁠
▪️Compound exercises should be used early in the workout, e.g. if you’re training chest, you want to perform bench presses (for example) before doing chest fly (one joint movement).⠀⁠

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